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VIDEO: World Trade Center Twin Tower Flashes

This 12 second clip was taken from a 1:02 hour long video that was posted on YouTube. After a few viewings, we noticed the flashes cascading down the building. It’s just a clip from a video that was uploaded onto the internet many years ago. The original video title was called “NIST WTC website- 453-WTCI-412-I (Richard Peskin Tape)” It’s about an hour long, but those 12 seconds were pretty interesting.

This video clip shows first, the 12 seconds in real time speed, then is slowed down to half speed for a 26 second viewing. This clip was not edited or altered in anyway, besides slowing down the speed in the second half of the clip.

There is much debate about the cause of the collapse. We thought this particular excerpt may shed more light to what happened that day at the World Trade Center.

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