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The Naked Man Orchid

by Neurodope in Sphere

Orchis Italica: one of the most surprising of the plant world! The Orchis italica is a rare orchid from Mediterranean flower with a quite surprising shape. Indeed, we can [...]


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  • The Origin of Columbus Day

    August 7, 2022 // 0 Comments

    Columbus Day was not set aside to celebrate Spanish Imperialism and the conquering of Native Peoples. Let’s discuss the origin of Columbus Day. We as Americans, do not [...]
  • Black_Death_neurodope

    Black Plague Now Being Blamed on Climate

    March 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

    Could scientists be grasping at straws now by trying to attach the idea of “climate change” to the infamous “Black Plague” of the European Middle [...]
  • How 3 NASA Missions Could Send Astronauts Back to the Moon
    Since the last Apollo mission in 1972, the moon has been undisturbed by human strides. In any case, that may before long change. NASA intends to send space travelers back to [...]
  • Visual Illusions Capture Imagination

    May 28, 2014 // 0 Comments

    The 2014 winners of the Best Illusion of the Year Contest were announced this past Sunday. Hosted yearly since 2005 by the Neural Correlate Society, the contest celebrates [...]
  • 99-million-year-old Rain Forest Frogs Found in Amber
    More than a third of the 7,000-odd living species of frogs and toads are found in rain forests around the world. But the fossil record for amphibians from these kinds of wet, [...]
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Scientists ‘freeze’ light for An Entire Minute

by Neurodope in Science

In what could prove to be a major breakthrough in quantum memory storage and information processing, German researchers have frozen the fastest thing in the universe: light. [...]


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