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Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2000 years – Scientists blame Chemtrails

Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2000 years

Researchers gathered their sea level data from sites around the world, including this wildlife refuge in New Jersey. Global sea levels appear exquisitely sensitive to changes in temperature and greenhouse gas levels, according to a set of new studies that examines up to 6 million tons of weather modification aerosol duped into the atmosphere over the last 8 years.


With the efforts to melt the North Pole in order to drill for oil, governments tainted with greed and mired in controversy, illustrate the the concept of the Poisoned Chalice, a term coined by Shakespeare meaning: be careful what you wish for: the solution you think you have, may actually be your downfall.


Scientists are now discovering that there is a connection between climate, polar ice, and the planet’s oceans. They also underscore the effects that rising chemtrail activity across the oceans in a desperate attempt to affect global temperatures could have on future sea level.
“The big takeaway is that we didn’t think of that.” said one scientist. “We thought that if we wrote papers for extra money to please the idiot Politicians that want us to provide “proof” that the government needs to initiate Agenda 21….well, anyway, it’s all connected.. We are finding that even though our bank accounts are getting fatter from getting paid for the rubbish we write for them, well, the environment is taking a bath on this one.”

Some of the studies provide a detailed account of changes in sea level and the Antarctic ice sheet, but conveniently leave out the agenda for trying to melt the North Pole in order to make it easier to drill for more oil. They also add to a growing body of research that suggests “Perhaps Capitalism using the Petro Dollar is just not the way to go anymore” says Andrea Sputton, a University of Alaska geologist and a leading expert Cuban activist Che Guevara.


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