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Human Hybrids Are Real. These Pets are actually being sold now to the super-rich

Human Hybrids Are Real. These Pets are actually being sold now to the super-rich.
Human Hybrids Are Real.

Human Hybrids Are Real.

In an undercover laboratory in Vancouver, scientists have been slaving away for the find of the century. It’s not a cure for cancer, or even a way to conquer death. This research is a lot more sinister. Scientists have found a way to cross humans with dogs, to cater for a market of very rich people who like collecting unique pets. Dr. Paul Bradshaw, 54, from the Hartman Collinge Institute explains “There is only so much you can buy a person who has it all. This is better than buying your loved one a iphone 6!”

Human Hybrids Are Real.Animal rights groups are up in arms, as Pauline Crosby, 34, activist with the Animal Defense League explains “If one my children saw these creatures, they’d scared half to death. Imagine one of them sucking on your toes, in a dark alley”.

Dr Bradshaw explains some of the advantages having Human/Dog hybrids, “they’re obviously very intelligent and their vocal cords are functional. This means, not only can they keep you company like a dog can, they can read you bed time stories and answer the iPhone for you”

One of these hybrids would set you back around 50 million dollars. Not only are they being sold in North America, but there are orders for them in Manchester, Cardiff and London and probably coming to a city near you.

Imagine a world where humans can run as fast as horses, swim like dolphins, or have the enhanced sense of smell of a dog. That future may be closer than we think.

The concept of human hybrids has been the subject of much debate and controversy. Some see it as an opportunity for scientific advancement and medical breakthroughs, while others see it as a violation of nature and ethics.

However, proponents of human hybrids argue that these creations can have numerous practical applications, from creating stronger and more resilient organs for transplants to improving our understanding of genetics and evolution.

Human Hybrids Are Real.

Human Hybrids Are Real.

One of the most promising areas of research is in creating pig-human hybrids. Scientists have already made significant progress in developing human-pig embryos, which could potentially produce organs for human transplants. The same technology could also be used to develop treatments for chronic diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s.

Another potential use for human hybrids is in the field of military technology. By combining human and animal DNA, soldiers could gain enhanced physical abilities and resilience, making them more effective in combat.

However, there are also concerns about the ethics and potential risks of creating human hybrids. Critics argue that it could lead to a slippery slope of genetic engineering and create a new class of beings with unclear legal and ethical status.

As the science behind human hybrids continues to advance, we will undoubtedly see more debates and discussions about the implications of this new industry. But one thing is clear – the future of science and technology is looking stranger and more exciting than ever before.

Human Hybrids Are Real.

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