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Chip Von Gunten, editor & curator of

Chip Von Gunten, editor & curator of


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Why? It Makes you Smart!

The Neurodope online magazine and brain blog was originally conceived for providing brief digests of study in the molecular, cellular, developmental, structural, functional, evolutionary, computational, and medical aspects of the brain.

However, bringing into being those facets of perceptions from neuroscience, both cognitive and behavioral, the investigation must include a balance construct that accommodates the inspirations behind the motivation to examine the brain in the first place.

Therefore, let this brain blog bring an erudition in cultivating a refinement of ideas and insights for your intellect to dissect. We will take a scholarly approach to celebrating everything from Bach to rocks.

It’s Knowledge for your Brain

We will explore the world of awareness and comprehension by observing everything from trivial minutiae to the most significant of understandings consequential to developing a vigorous debate.

Ethical philosophy and Nefarious Bullshit will readily be explored.

Because you can’t be too smart these days.

Cutting through the Clutter by Curating all the Crap

The World is a big place.. and all that info all over the place…well, it’s hard to get to all of that and separate the wheat from the chaff, too. You can count on Neurodope to filter out all that mess and bring you the cool stuff from all over the world.

So this blog is about SPACE, ENVIRONMENTALISM, AND SOCIETY, and how it all intertwines somehow into a chasm of dark matter that cannot even provide the answer to the mystery of a miracle picture of Jesus fried into the side of a grilled cheese sandwich.

This blog is about ‘whatevs’ in a society of Flat Earthers, Chemtrails, and Conspiracy Theories. This blog is about Transcendental Thought but won’t leave out utter idiocy of turning humans into robots like a mad religion. This blog is about stepping out of the daily football and fluoride routine and questioning everything around you like a Buddha Detective in the Big City of Lies.

But all that is dark will be lit through a crack with the Light.

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